Advantages and dangers of technological advancement in cars

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carIn an age where technology occupies a more central place in our lives as each day passes, there’s no doubt that everyday life get easier. Howevere, this great technological advancement can also be a source of risk on our lives, as history shows us that technology, as advanced and secured as it might be, is bound to be breached. The car industry enjoys this technological advancement as well and many commercial companies spend a fortune both in money and in human resources in order to invent softwares and advanced technological means. One of the aspects indicating this progress is the process of connecting smart cars to the internet.

Connection to the network can provide great security for the person driving the vehicle, since the driver can provide location-based information to anyone, report to the police in case of an accident, alert drivers from dangers on the road and gather information that can eventually become a source for analyzing long-term trends and thus provide better efficiency in countless areas, from redirecting traffic to avoid heavy traffic situations to synchronizing traffic lights according to circumstances of time and location. However, the connection to the outside world hold a major disatvantage: hackers can use the internet in order to break into car systems causing malfunctions and possible disasters.

According to car technology experts, we must understand what are the dangers for cars if a cyber attack should occur. As they see it, the huge leap in technology must evolve alongside a culture and regulation in security for the technology integrated into cars. We must, as a human society which becomes more technological with each passing day, put an emphasis on protection and not ignore it as this might create breaches which will make it easier for hostile factors to have their way.