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ברייטנייט של אלביטIsraeli Elbit Systems unveils in the Paris AirShow the BrightNite system. Designed to use in cargo helicopters, the system will enhance its capabilities to a level close to attack helicopters. The system, which collects information from the area in which the helicopter is fluing, can turn this stored information into a visual image broadcasted directly in the pilot’s helmet, so the helicopter can be flown in difficult weather with poor visibility. With this, the system is a significant upgrade in the helicopter’s capabilities, since it allows the pilot to fly in conditions that would have perviously been cause to cancel flights.

The system basically does a process of integrating information received from two different cameras, a Front Looking IfraRed (FLIR) camera and a highly sensitive daylight camera. This visual information gathered is synchronized with the symbolics of the flight and mission, thus making it easier for the pilot to carry out their mission. On top of this, the system allows a number of crew members to scan simultaneously the range of operation, allowing for a better quality flying and better communication and safety in the cockpit.

The Israeli security industry enjoys much prestige and appreciation worldwide. It’s not wonder, as it’s already commonly known that the “jewish mind makes up patents”. All that’s left to hope is that developments and ingenuity don’t stop anytime soon and that Israeli companies continue to provide advanced products improving the quality of flight and the pilots’ abilities.