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IMG_0469A very severe security breach puts a big question mark over the steps Israel takes to protect its most sensitive secrets. Burglars entered the home of Atomic Energy Commission Chief Dr. Shaul Horev on Sunday. Dr. Horev is in charge of Israel’s nuclear policy – one of the defense establishment’s most sensitive roles.

The thieves probably Palestinians left his home with Horev’s briefcase, wallet, computer and a cell phone.

A statement by the Atomic Energy Commission said that no sensitive material was compromised.

According to a source , Horev has a personal security detail. His home is protected by a CCTV security system; but he does not have the same security measures as those used in the homes of government ministers. The big question is who is in charge and who made the wrong decision   about the level of protection such a sensitive figure gets.

Its not the first time that sensitive documents are stolen from army officers and officials in sensitive positions. In Israel more steps should be taken to prevent it.

The cost in this case is simply not relevant. The effort to protect the stolen sensitive documents so that there is no damage cost a lot more.

.egozi300By Arie Egozi

i-HLS.COM Editor-in-chief