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6894066_mEvery new piece of technology including weapon systems need to meet certain standards .These were written in order to ensure a smooth operation of the systems and surrounding ones.

It also ensure the safety of the operators and people in the vicinity.

Ophir Gamliel ITL’s CEO told I-HLS that the need to comply with international standards grow as the system is more sophisticated “we have to test it under different circumstances that simulate the conditions in the field. We have developed system that do it in the best possible way.

itlITL has been serving the Israeli market for two decades providing complete testing and certification solutions for multiple industries including telecom, medical, industrial, appliance, life safety and security, military and more.

ITL is affiliated with Intertek and is an accredited Recognized Testing Laboratory, granting it the ability to provide customers with international certifications locally. The company has formed strategic partnership with numerous international certification bodies and testing labs, enabling it to offer its customers global certifications locally, expediting time to market, and ensuring a safe product introduction.

An independent privately owned Testing and Guidance Company, ITL’s laboratory sites are located in Lod and Kfar Bin Nun, providing compliance testing and certifications which are approved and recognized for export to countries around the globe.

The company’s vast experience is the main basis for its operations . With a huge number of performed tests of a variety of types in civil and defence appliactions.

“Our Mission is to use our experience and high level of service in providing global regulatory compliance and certification to our customers, helping them quickly and safely introduce new products to the market.”  Gamliel said.