Fast Draw: High Treason

מנהרת חמאס בעזה

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Hamas Tunnel in Gaza
Hamas Tunnel in Gaza

If convicted, there is no punishment befitting the grave actions they have perpetrated. This is one of the most serious affairs in Israel’s history. According to the indictment, what the accused did amounts to one of the worst counts of treason against the State of Israel.

Three Jews, Israeli citizens, among of whom is a resident of Eshkol Regional Council, right ion the border with Gaza, have been accused of transferring contrabands to the Gaza Strip. The prohibited materials were sold for the purpose of reconstructing Hamas terror tunnels and combat infrastructure. The accused sold the contrabands for millions of New Israeli Shekels. This, according to an indictment cleared for publication earlier today.

The investigation, which Israeli internal security service (GSS, General Security Service) conducted jointly with Israeli Police, culminated with the suspects’ arraignment and indictment.

The three suspects were arrested three weeks ago, following GSS intelligence information according to which they were knowingly involved in contraband iron shipment to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

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During their investigation, the suspects associated themselves with their suspected actions. They cooperated with the interrogation and admitted their actions had been driven by greed.

According to the police, the suspects admitted they transferred contraband war-useable materials for money.

According to the suspects, two Israeli businessmen from the center of Israel, the owners of large companies specializing in iron and metal products, made contact with a person from Gaza who is close to Hamas. They used trucks to transport prohibited iron and metal products into the Gaza strip through the Kerem Shalom border crossing. This, in exchange for millions of Israeli Shekels.

The contraband goods consisted of, inter alia, metal plates, beams, elevators and so on. These items eventually made their way to Hamas and were used in rebuilding and reconstructing tunnels right after “Operation Protective Edge”.

As I said in the beginning of this op-ed, if convicted, the accused must face the worst punishment. Israel does not have the death penalty, not even for treason. Nevertheless, the punishment should fit the crime. Their crime is beyond words.


Arie Egozi i-HLS Editor-in-Chief
Arie Egozi
i-HLS Editor-in-Chief