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18315594_m egozi featureI already commented on this incident, but I really must reiterate something about this truly infuriating issue. The death of those two IDF men, one officer and one soldier, could not be less warranted. Only in an army which lacks discipline, with commanders who for the most part do not realize what the orders they issue mean, could a convoy be dispatched in civilian vehicles – exactly where the Hezbollah is standing ready to retaliate.

So this is exactly what happened.

A Namer-type Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) or an APC based on the Merkava tank’s Chassis may not be as comfortable to ride in as a new jeep, but they would have kept their passengers alive – had they only been fitted with the Armored Shield Protection-Active (ASPRO-A), aka Trophy.

Why invest so many millions of dollars in developing this system? Why would anyone rule that such a vulnerable convoy should take this route? This is sheer senselessness and arrogance. A display of a total lack of understanding, and lack or care. Perhaps all of them put together. Problem is, the IDF has been displaying this sort of combination too many times, and far too often.

Then, the minister of defense went on TV and said he had no choice but to have the convoy dispatched the way it did. Why? Because the route also includes civilian traffic. In such a situation, you block the road. They have blocked the road for far less. Why is it that Israeli politicians think us stupid?


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Meanwhile, near Zar’it, they began drilling “in order to rule out the existence of any tunnels there”. It hardly takes an expert to realize what they are actually doing is deceit. This is no way to discover tunnels.

Pressure by the local residents drove Israeli “defense establishment” to send out a drilling team.

There are Hezbollah tunnels along the Israeli border with Lebanon, but such a ’display’ is hardly the way to locate them.

Israel’s measly politics is rife with trickery. We hardly need that sort of thing when it comes to security matters, when life and death is at stake.


Prime Minister Netanyahu is off to Washington to warn against the risk posed by Iran’s nuclear program. Well, would you look at that. Even if he does eventually make his speech before both house of congress, even that won’t stop Iran. Even Israel’s friends in the US realized Netanyahu is merely grandstanding against the Obama administration.

Listen closely: nothing is going to stop Iran’s nuclear program. The Iranians are clever; the world is stupid. Even ten more years of meetings across Europe won’t deliver an agreement that would truly bring an end to a nuclear Iran.

Israel won’t attack Iran either, just as Israel never truly intended to do. It’s all trickery and make belief, empty threats and pointless discussions.

And back in Iran, the centrifuges continue spinning, producing enriched uranium for its bomb.

And in the process, Israel’s prime minister managed to deteriorate our relations with the US to an all-time low. What an unqualified success.


Israel’s Police is in charge of law enforcement, as well as security. Nevertheless, the walk of shame of so many high ranking police officers, on their way to be interrogated on suspicions ranging from sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, fraud and what not, is hardly a boon to Israelis’ sense of security.

The police has thousands of good, dedicated police officers who are working tirelessly.

These problems at the top echelon require a painful treatment at the core. Israel’s next minister of internal security must be someone capable of dictating to the police how it should conduct itself. Also, a fearful chief commissioner would have to be appointed, one whose subordinate commissioners would respect, would be wary of. Only painful, far reaching measures, would insure Israel’s police would cease descending this way. We do not need high ranking police officers who are too busy sending sexual text message to those under their command, or kowtowing before rabbis. Rather, we need worthy officers imbued with a sense of national duty, people devoted to security, not to texting sexual content.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
i-HLS editor-in-chief