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un_Elbit Systems of America_Skylark I-E, Block II

Mini unmanned air systems (UAS) will be capable of carrying laser designators.

EL OP, Elbit Systems’ subsidiary, has unveiled the smallest laser designator that can be carried by mini unmanned air systems (UAS).

According to EL OP, the Miniature designator Module (MDM) weighs 100 grams and is assembled by using special microscopic tools.

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The company said that this innovation, the world’s smallest laser designator, allows mini UASs closer sensor to shooter cycles in record time. A company source cited the Elbit systems Skylark mini UAS as an example of the class of UAS that can carry the designator. The SkyLark has a max takeoff weight of 7.5 kg and can carry a 1.1 kg payload.

EL OP said that by equipping mini UAS with the micro laser designator, a fighter aircraft can fly over the clouds and still use the laser weapons it carries.

The dimensions of the micro laser designator allow its installation in 4 inch electro optic payloads. Company sources said “so far, designators could have only been installed in 10 inch payloads or larger.”