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18315594_m egozi featureThese days, one simply cannot help but wonder, even in a website such as iHLS, about what’s going on right before our very eyes. People who but a moment ago were thought to be minding our security, have shown their true colors: they are petty. They care only about themselves and the honor they are shown.

How else could you possibly describe recent events. In country such as ours, all issues have been set aside in favor of preschool-level accusations and defamations. It turns out that even prior to the announcement about the upcoming election, they were already busy almost exclusively with personal vendettas and foiling other ministers’ plans.

What are we to think if these are the leaders we have, who are in charge of deciding whether we embark on war or peace, of our future? Let me tell you: it’s shameful, it’s a disgrace. Most of all, it’s disgusting.


Relocating IDF bases to the Negev has been delaying, although this is a national project. News of this ongoing delay have surfaced even prior to the decision to call an early election. Now, all chances of completing this project are gone. Israeli government ministries seem incapable of coordination in order to have such a project roll out all the way to timely and successful completion.

We are now in for an even worse delay, as this election will be the only thing on people’s minds, complete with mutual accusations.

So the IDF will have to wait. Career officers and their families will have to put their plans on hold indefinitely, but those who decide in these matters do not care. They seem to care only a little for the IDF, or us.

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This gaff of the oil spillage in the Arava, north of Eilat, is a major ecological catastrophe. Moreover, it is yet another reminder the systems tasked with prevention such disasters and handling them immediately keep failing over and over again.

The strangest thing, is that drivers along the road were the ones who first discovered the oil overflowing on the ground. One would expect some control center to discover the spillage in real time or at least in a matter of seconds.

Another point: the whole activity of the Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline is shrouded with highly bizarre censorship laws, to say the least. Such a lack of transparency leaves little room for public control over this company.

Not only is this perplexing, it calls for immediate change. Not to worry, no one shall be persecuted for this debacle. They will sweep it under the rug, as laws and strange regulations make sure we are prevented from knowing what’s going on.

How much proof do we need before we realize lots of things, far too many, call for immediate repair.


I have already wrote about the ammonia tank in the Bay of Haifa. This is a huge, scary time bomb. What little chance there was of realizing the plan to relocate it to the south of Israel, it is gone now. Everything is on hold, paralyzed due to the upcoming election. There simply is no one in charge to deal with such safety and security gaffes, which pose a risk to hundreds of thousands of people in the north of Israel.

One simply cannot explain how such a safety blunder could possibly happen in Israel. I am baffled as to how the relevant ministers did not pitch a tent right there in order to expedite the ammonia tank’s relocation. But here, the only thing that seems to matter is a seat at the table, as close as possible to the prime minister. Oh, yes, and what kind of car each minister gets.

The hundreds of thousands who are in peril, due to some malfunction or deliberate sabotage of the ammonia tank, or of simply little interest, or none, to our ministers.

Arie Egozi i-HLS Editor-in-Chief
Arie Egozi
i-HLS Editor-in-Chief