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Amazon Prime AirAmazon’s goes full force for using UAV’s for deliveries. The company’s biggest hurdle to using flying delivery drones is approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Now, the company is hiring people familiar with those government regulations to work on the Prime Air team.
According to Triangle Business Journal, former U.S. Navy and NASA employees have joined the team in recent months, several LinkedIn profiles show.
Neil Woodward, a technical program manager for flight test and certification, joined the team in April. He was previously an astronaut at NASA and a flight officer in the Navy.

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An Amazon manager said in August that the company’s research and development team is working “aggressively” on the drone technology. He was optimistic Amazon will be ready to launch the service when the FAA approves drone use or legislation is passed to legalize it.
There are other former military personnel who have worked on drone technology who have joined Amazon in recent months, including on the Amazon Fresh team. So maybe your apples will be delivered via drone in the not-so-distant future.
The company is also hiring pilots to fly the drones and a flight safety manager, according to its jobs page.