This New Drone Can Deliver Anything from Medical Supplies to Deadly Missiles

image provided by pixabay

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Mayman Aerospace unveils its new range of jet-powered, high-speed vertical take-off and landing, AI-equipped “Razor” drones, which can reportedly be used for both peaceful and wartime operations and are aided by Skyfield AI-controlled navigation and control software.

The Razor is being advertised as a low-cost substitute for expensive cruise missiles, with its speed range of 0-800 km per hour and ability to mimic helicopters and jet fighters. Its AI-guided interface can enable precise payload or kinetic impact delivery, can operate with a ceiling height of 6,000 meters and deliver a high kinetic payload of up to 454 kg.

The drone can also be useful for combat situations and work as a missile carrier, extending the range of small air-to-air or air-to-surface missiles and delivering missiles like Brimstone or Hellfire to over 640 km. It can also loiter in place until it is commanded to deploy the missile for final target acquisition, enhancing the reach and precision of missile systems.

According to Interesting Engineering, the Razor’s air utility vehicle (AUV) is significantly smaller than other aircraft meant for carrying the same payload. The cargo drone can take off and land from a 3 square meters area, a useful ability for military operations. It also has an AI GPS-denied navigation system and control.

Mayman Aerospace claims the targeting drone can take off and land autonomously while requiring minimum support from the crew. Furthermore, depending on the variant, it can carry payloads from 45 kg to 450 kg.

The Razor’s AI functions provide it with situational awareness and the ability to navigate without GPS. It is designed to act decisively and reliably according to the goal of the mission while factoring in the life-and-death stakes of the actions it takes. The company emphasizes that the AI will work along with human judgment an interface that will allow users to deploy assets while having the final say on all matters.