Cost effective rocket for aircraft unveiled


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Operators of upgraded Israeli made Kfir fighter aircraft may become customers for a new Israeli developed rocket.

Israel military industries (IMI) is offering its MARS Supersonic precision rocket as a cost effective solution for a variety of missions.

According to IMI, the 4.4 meters-long missile, whose estimated range is 100 km, has a GPS navigational system. This is a fire-and-forget system against mobile and stationary targets, even if they’re protected by anti-aircraft systems. The MARS weighs 500kg.

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

According to the company the new rocket is a good solution to destroy radar sites, communications centers, weapons storage facilities and airfields while the launch aircraft remains out of range of air defence systems.

IMI's MARS rocket system
IMI’s MARS rocket system

IMI’s Rocket Systems Division has been developing the MARS system for several years and it intends to customize it for operation from a variety of western and eastern platforms. Among those the company specified the F-15/16/18, Su-30/27/25/24, Mig-29, Eurofighter, and Kfir.

Optional customers are air forces that are negotiating the purchase of the Kfir Block 60.

The Kfir block 60 is the latest upgrade version of the Israeli made fighter that has been flying now for 40 years.

The block 60 is offered with J-79 engines with zero hours after a total overall and will need another one after 1600 flight hours.

The upgraded fighter will carry an Elta 2032 AESA radar and will have an open architecture that will allow the customer to install other systems.