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PD-100 Black Hornet
PD-100 Black Hornet

The world’s smallest operational military UAV with night capability was unveiled by Prox Dynamics.
The PD-100 Black Hornet is an 18-gram single-rotor helicopter UAV. It is fitted with both long-wave infrared and day video sensors, and can transmit video streams as well as high-resolution still images via a digital datalink with a 1m range.
According to Aviation Week, more than 3,000 PD-100 air vehicles have been delivered, and the system has been used operationally in Afghanistan by British army units since 2013.

Unmanned systems conference 2014 – Israel

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The complete system weighs 1.3 kg and comprises two vehicles, a charging and transport case and a ground control station. The UAV helicopter has an endurance of 25 min. and can operate in a 15-kt. wind.
Norway-based Prox Dynamics produces most components of the PD-100 itself, above the chip level. For example, the company buys the IR detector but has designed and built the new camera itself, and also designs and builds the high-efficiency propulsion motor. Component design, the company says, allows the PD-100 to achieve a useful endurance while powering the cameras, datalink and GPS receiver.