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18315594_m egozi featureThe joke continues. After three days of negotiations between Iran and the six world powers concerning the permanent settlement of Iran’s nuclear program, the EU said the talks are at a critical stage.

Quite true. The talks are at a critical stage since Iran is in a critical stage ahead of achieving military nuclear capability.

This joke, these so-called ’nuclear talks with Iran’ could have been funny unless at the end, we will see Iran with nuclear warheads at the command of backward Ayatollahs.

The world is so stupid, blind, death – or some combination thereof. I am practically running out of ways to describe what’s going on. How can one country whose unenlightened leaders realized that if they smiled, no one will see them for what they really are, and they could get away with anything.


Here is another bad joke. The coalition against ISIS. A few combat jets from the US and other countries take off and throw a few bombs at something that seems like targets. Right after the return to base, they transfer the bombing footage to the media. This is not a way to fight ISIS. This is a PR for a huge bluff. There is currently no actual coalition against this murderous terrorist organization. If any ISIS terrorist dies, it would be from laughter in view of this international bluff.

So ISIS is going to take over Iraq and other countries. One small murderous organization that takes advantage of the fact the world is important, ignorant, obtuse – and about to be defeated big time.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) said over the weekend he has pledged to State Secretary John Kerry that he will not engage in any internal conflict with Israel until at least the end of 2015. This is designed to convince donor countries to carry out their decisions concerning Gaza’s reconstruction.

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So thank you very much, Mr. President. We can breathe a sigh of relief.

Here’s what will happen if you do not keep your word: if the donations will indeed be used to build houses, they will be demolished yet again. We do not need your assurances. If you want the hundreds of thousands who became homeless in the recent round to have any sort of roof over their heads, do not try this again. Not in 2015 and not ever. Otherwise, that which will have been built, shall be demolished once again.


While the Minister for Internal Security and the Israeli Police Commissioner are attempting to hide their mutual animosity by “engaging in talks to clarify matters”, the situation in Jerusalem is deteriorating from bad to worse.

Dozens of thousands of tourists and visitors came to Israel in the course of the high holidays. Many of them must have taken the light train. The tram system revolutionized the state of the transportation, serving about 140 thousand daily commuters. But it seems that for many of Jerusalem’s residents, the train has come to mean trouble. Why? The incessant violence against the tram, including unrelenting throwing of stones and Molotov Cocktails when passing through East Jerusalem neighborhoods, such as Shua’afat.

Let me describe the following imaginary example: in some town in Russia, someone is perpetrating acts of vandalism against the municipal train. After a mere two days, civilian clothed snipers would have been deployed along the entire train, in addition to a few along the route. After two or three seriously wounded vandalism perpetrators, the whole thing would have been over.

In Israel, they let the local capital’s Jewish residents feel under siege. This is a crazy situation. Only a weak government with ministers squabbling with one another as well as with their subordinates could allow this to happen.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief