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October 2025. The TV channels are reporting the renewal of nuclear talks with Iran. One commentator is speaking about “cautious progress”. In the meantime, in some secret Revolutionary Guard base somewhere in Iran, the 10th Iranian nuclear bomb produced by Iranian scientists is being installed in an underground facility.

Today marks the beginning of yet another round of nuclear talks. The Iranians will arrive smiling everywhere. It is working. It will keep working in 2025 too.


President Barak Obama consulted with former joint chiefs of staff about what can be done to stop ISIS. Well, it is very nice to sit around with former top brass and reminisce, but it’s utterly futile.

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What the “coalition” against ISIS is currently doing amounts to a bad joke. Two American F-18 jets throwing 4 bombs each day on ISIS camps will hardly stop its progress towards Baghdad.


Ban Ki-Moon’s visit to Gaza and the Israeli communities along the border with Gaza is yet another pointless action by a useless organization. Ban expressed his shock at the devastation in Gaza. He also reviewed, with a somber face, a tunnel dug from Gaza to Israel. A really senseless visit by the head of a redundant organization, which only wastes money that could have indeed financed humanitarian causes in various poor areas worldwide.

It is so pathetic, so detached from actual reality.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief