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The next war will see IDF soldiers entering tunnels with automatic air condition systems, lounges and cyber-optic based communications systems. How will all this come about? Due to the world’s nativity / stupidity / lack of understanding.

The Palestinians asked for aid to reconstruct Gaza in the wake of Operation Protective Shield, so the international community reached for its proverbial wallet. Yesterday at the donor countries’ convention in Cairo, 50 countries pledged to donate $5.4 billion. The Palestinians asked for $4 billion.

Qatar alone will transfer the Palestinians one billion USD, the EU promised $570 million, the US pledged $212 million, and Kuwait, UAE and Turkey committed themselves to $200 million each.

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The money will pour in. Some of the heads of Hamas, in particular those living outside the Gaza Strip, will fill their own Swiss bank accounts with dollars. There won’t be much of a reconstruction in Gaza. In the absence of efficient oversight, the money donated by counties who are unable to tell right from left will go towards rebuilding the military infrastructure.

Those poor civilians who are uninvolved in terrorism in Gaza will continue to live in what remained of their houses. Gaza’s rich folk have long since bought their own houses in Europe’s various capitals. There won’t be any reconstruction of civilian infrastructure. Hamas’s tactical array will certainly be a rebuilt.

In the absence of so much as the word ’demilitarization’, Gaza will simply be better prepared for the next military conflict. Even if they do put a few new buildings up, they will be destroyed once again, when Hamas will think themselves powerful enough to renew its rocket attacks against Israel.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief