A security threat calls for limited exposure of Israel’s nuclear capabilities – part 3 of 3


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Continued from Part two

The Summary of the “Daniel Project” report states as follows: “we are faced with ’irrational’ enemies, countries or terrorist organizations, armed with nuclear or biological weapons and poised to use them. In view of this, we must not rule out that Israel might find itself in a ’conflict situation’ not only vis-à-vis a well-defined adversary-country, but also against a non-governmental body which will apply a ’suicide bomber’ which will serve as the ’trigger’ for a war designed to ’annihilate the cancer of Zionism’. In such an eventuality, Israel will not be able to apply its nuclear capabilities against an adversarial country, since none could be designated as the source of the unconventional terrorist attack. For this reason, the team suggest Israel develop a practical and effective preemptive strike policy.

Israel’s strategic future, the team notes further, vastly depends on the prosperity of the Israeli economy. Clearly, an ever-increasing expenditure on defense in terms of the

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share of Israel’s GNP would have an adverse economic effect. A defense budget that would exceed 7% of Israel’s GNP would seriously hinder Israel’s strength.

The team recognizes that Israel is facing intensifying isolation in the international community, so they are of the opinion that Israel would have to rely on its own resources and capabilities than ever before.


This top secret US-Israeli issue had already been uncovered by Nativ Online back in April 2014. The full report has also been released on Wikipedia as well as in a lecture by Prof. Louis Beres at Bet Yeshurun, Huston, Texas. According to various publications, the members of the “Daniel Project” comprise of the following figures: Louis René Beres from the US; Na’aman Belkind, former “Aid on Special Means” to Israel’s minister of Defense, a member of Israel’s Atomic Energy Committee and adviser to Prime Minister Begin on the strike against Iraq’s nuclear reactor; former MAFAT chief Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel; Rand H. Fishbein, former advisor to Senator Daniel Inouye; Dr. Adir Pridor, mathematician, retired Lt. Colonel in the Israeli Air Force, where he served as senior systems designer and former chief military analyst at RAFAEL; retired MK Yoash Tzidon, retired Colonel in the Israeli Air Force.