Israel’s First Responders will discuss Public Security issues at the annual meeting next week

8112206844_187255974f_mThe Israeli Security and Defense Forum is gathering next week. At the annual gathering on February 7th, executives from HLS forces in Israel will be conducting lectures, debates and discussions on perspectives in public security issues in Israel. Among the subjects that will be discussed are lessons from the recent home front joint exercise of the different Israeli HLS forces, Israel’s readiness for emergency and how the current situation in the neighboring Arab countries does affect public security in Israel. 

The forum is the Israeli professional union of security officers and managers. It was established at 1988 and incorporates over 400 security managers and officers. The forum members manage the systems security public state institutions and municipal government offices, hospitals, industrial plants, facilities and critical infrastructure, transportation and traffic, local authorities and communities, financial corporations and financial, banks, national infrastructure, commercial centers, trading companies and sectors of various industries. 

According to the forum’s management, these security officers are responsible for both the physical and personal security of Israel’s population and many times they are the first responders when emergency accurse. The security officers are considered a force multiplier of the Israeli police and security authorities routinely and in emergencies in diverse areas, mainly in terrorist activity, hazardous material incidents and large scale disasters.  

The annual gathering is a professional discussion over the current issues and challenges that these officers are facing. The main discussion this year will be on the lessons learnt from Israel’s national Home Front exercise “Turning Point 6” which run until October 25, 2012. The Home Front Defense Ministry, the Home Front Command, the National Emergency Management Authority, the regional councils, government ministries, security and rescue organizations, the social services and education system, the health care system as well as public and private bodies participated in the exercise. 

The Security Division of the Israel Police led in the past three years a strategic makeover in public security. During this process it worked in close cooperation with members of the Forum. In addition, Israel’s security police had issued each member a unique member card granting them emergency aid options. 

The forum’s bi annual conference will take place on February 7th , and is expected to hold open discussions and lectures on the concept of public security and preparedness of Israel for 2013.  

In addition to an annual professional conference forum dealing with security technologies will be conducted as part of the defense week in June 2013 at the Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv.