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FTRESnipers fired on the Israeli army in Gaza and they may soon be a threat in northern Israel. The Israeli industry has developed some systems that are used to hunt snipers down.

One way of dealing with the problem is the fast detection of the sniper’s position so that counter fire would neutralize his ability to continue his precise fire. RAFAEL has developed a system that helps ground forces to locate snipers.

The SpotLite-P is an electro-optical system for detecting, locating, investigating and neutralizing small-arms fire sources. The system has been designed for the platoon, company and battalion level, for patrol and reconnaissance units as well as for sniper forces, for stationary situations and for combat on the move.

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

The system was originally built in cooperation with an “operational client” in order to facilitate combatants to deal with enemy spotting and efficient and agile management of own forces fire with the aim of attaining fast neutralization of target without causing collateral damage.

The system enables the spotting of fire sources with a high level of precision, investigating them and relaying these targets to sniper forces or other shooters in order to swiftly and efficiently close the sensor-to-shooter circuit, all within the low tactical level.

The system is the result of a joint project financed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the USA army. In the development RAFAEL has implemented its vast know how in image processing. The SpotLite-P is small in size and weight, consumes very little power and may be carried by two soldiers.