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iHLS Keeping you in the Loop

  • The Pentagon has begun planning for air strikes to attack ISIS targets in Syria using both manned and unmanned aircraft. The US will first gather intelligence using reconnaissance flights.
  • Liberia has sealed off a whole slum in the capital city of Monrovia, in an effort to contain Ebola, which has also spread to Congo with two dead.
  • A US Consumers Report says 62 percent of Americans do nothing to protect their online privacy, which makes it easy for hackers to steal personal information.

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

  • Does ISIS have drones? CNN’s national security analyst Peter Bergen says that  a video releases by ISIS, for the first time showed surveillance footage shot by a drone, showing an aerial view of military airbase # 93 near Raqqa, with the caption: “from the drone of the army of the Islamic state”.
  • Twice in the last week Egypt and the Emirates have secretly launched air strikes against Islamic militia targets in Tripoli, Libya, reports the New York Times. Egypt’s President Al-Sisi denied the report, saying no Egyptian aircraft participated in military action inside Libya.
  • China develops Windows and Android killer: China is once again taking a nationalist stance on technology, this time, with its own PC and mobile operating system. The goal: decrease China’s reliance on U.S. software companies.