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Police in Kosovo yesterday (Monday) arrested forty young Islamic radicals who had fought in Syria and Iraq for ISIS or other extremist groups. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Kosovo launched a major operation Monday morning against suspected domestic militants who have fought in Syria and Iraq, arresting at least 40 people and seizing weapons and explosives in dozens of locations, authorities said.

The move is the biggest action yet against suspected militants in Kosovo, where the government has long played down concerns about the threat posed by extremists…

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However, a police statement said only that Monday’s arrests targeted people who had fought in Syria and Iraq for the Sunni extremist groups A-Nusra Front, an al Qaeda affiliate that espouses global Islamic rule, and Islamic State, which has recently captured swaths of territory in Iraq.

Approximately 2,000 European passport-holders are currently fighting in Iraq and Syria, where U.S. intelligence services have had a hard time keeping track of what is going on. ISIS has consistently proven more dangerous than expected, and it has recently demonstrated its reach in Istanbul. What will happen if these veterans of a brutal international jihad choose to come home in larger numbers?