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Diamond 42 aircraft equipped with the ASX. Photo: QinetiQ
Diamond 42 aircraft equipped with the ASX. Photo: QinetiQ

QinetiQ has launched a new range of airborne communications surveillance systems. The ASX system is modular with a range of configurations allowing it be used on large, medium and small manned or unmanned aircraft.

ASX Airborne Electronic Surveillance product allows aircraft to conduct signals intelligence missions — “essentially the detection and location of communications transmitters which are often the first sign of an adversary or criminal activity,” said Jeremy Ward, C4ISR Managing Director at QinetiQ. “By mounting the system in an aircraft, the customer is able to monitor a wide swath of land or sea, allowing them to protect their national interests, whether keeping borders free from smugglers or keeping critical infrastructure in remote places secure.”

Unmanned systems conference 2014 – Israel

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QinetiQ launched ASX at the Farnborough Airshow in the UK where the system was demonstrated in partnership with air intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance service provider DO Systems on a Diamond 42 aircraft equipped for multi–signals communications electronic surveillance missions. As part of the partnership, DO Systems will be using the ASX range when conducting operations for their customers.

ASX systems use signal processing architecture and optimized operator interface. The system is for larger dedicated, strategic signals intelligence platforms and provides communications intelligence and direction finding capabilities (COMINT/DF) for tactical UAVs and manned platforms.