Fast Draw

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4304653_sThis is the new hobby of the world powers. Who comes out looking more stupid from International crises . The hobbyists include, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, and the list goes on.

Powers really do compete against each other to prove who is more stupid and who has less determination. And now the U.S. has decided to extend the nuclear talks with Iran for a further four months.

Washington will be leaving the tougher sanctions intact, while providing a little taste of the benefits which the Iranians will achieve when they have access to international cash flow.

 The unreality of this approach will encounter much opposition in the U.S. Congress and by well-placed experts. But in the corridors of government where the decision was made there’s no real unhappiness about the decision. they seem to want to just remove the conflict and allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

And Tehran is showing gladness and joy in front of this absurd position of the USA. This gives members of the nuclear project more time to prepare high-enriched uranium which is needed to make nuclear weapons. There they have realized that by now a big smile can bend any power in the West. It is clear to see that these so-called powers in the US and European countries don’t really want a confrontation.

This lack of determination of Europe for example has led to many countries on the continent just getting used to the fact that they live with radical Islam at their door, and this is only the beginning.

 As with the case of Islam which has taken over Europe, the US and Europeans will only try to close the Iranian nuclear program by shutting the gate after the horse has already bolted.