The Threat to the Israeli Air Force over Gaza

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Hamas has been taking great efforts for a while now to damage the Air Force aircraft operating over the Gaza Strip. “This fire is problematic because it is the fire of basic weapons like assault rifles and other automatic weapons that are dangerous because they are basic” an expert said this morning/

Breaching the border between Gaza and Egypt has allowed Hamas to enhance its arms capacity in a big way against the Jets. Experts said yesterday that Israel “they have still not revealed all of their capability with anti-aircraft weapons.”

For a long time now, Hamas in the Gaza Strip has been trying to improve its capability in the field of anti-aircraft primarily by receiving deliveries of such weapons, which are manufactured in Iran. There is intelligence information that a number of these missiles have already reached Gaza.

The Hamas in Gaza is not currently using effective  fire against Air Force aircraft targets. But from time to time automatic fire successfully gets through, to reach with helicopters as the main target.

CH-53 2025 1At the same time Hamas are working on developing and building much more advanced anti-aircraft systems. The Iranian military industry has developed in recent years some models of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles. Experts point to one in particular, the Misag -1 which is very similar to a Chinese missile the” Vanguard “. This is a missile with a range of 5 km equipped with a warhead of 1.5 kg. The missile homes in on the heat emitted from the engine of the plane.

Air Force activates all of its protective defense systems against incoming anti-aircraft weapons in Gaza.