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Insitu is developing a heavier version of its Integrator unmanned air system. “Right now, we’re working on taking an Integrator-like platform and taking it up to about 165 pounds,” said Ryan Hartman, senior vice president of Insitu Programs. “That enables us to add a lot more capability and endurance.” He was quoted by Defense News.

Photo: Insitu
Photo: Insitu

The company’s Integrator platform, used by the Marines as the RQ-21A Blackjack, currently weighs in at 135 pounds. Increasing the size by thirty pounds gives the company extra room to play with in terms of payloads and capabilities.

Integrator was designed to be a multi mission platform,” Hartman said. “One of the things we know for a fact is when you start adding more sensors to platform you impact the performance. What we’re trying to do is balance the capability that we bring to the table through payloads, with the performance customers have come to expect from us.”

Unmanned Systems Event 2014 – Israel

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Insitu is a subsidiary of the Boeing company. The Insitu executive offered few details on the design, but did say that it is not being designed to carry weaponry. To accompany the newer design, the company is looking at altering the launch mechanism, either by adding more power or increasing the length of the device.

While the firm’s ScanEagle product continues to be popular – Hartman highlighted interest in the 45 pound unmanned system from international navies – Insitu, like many other companies in the defense realm, is trying to position itself further with the commercial market.