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Illustration (123rf)
Illustration (123rf)

Romanian authorities have decided that drones weighting less than 150 kilos should be registered and insured before being used in Romania.

According to sUAS the move brings regulation to a new area, yet an increasingly popular one, as drones have started to be used more and more beyond military purposes. The new regulation will be applied until January 30, 2016. According to official reasoning, until 2016, the European Union regulations cover drones bigger than 150 kilograms, while those under this weight remain subject to national regulations.

The law does not apply to drones with weight under 1 kilogram, unless they have equipment for filming and data transmission. However, they should be operated without exceeding the field of view of the person who controls it, according to the regulations. The order does not mention any sanctions for those who do not comply with the new rules.

Unmanned Systems Event 2014 – Israel

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Critics of the new order say that the government wants to stop aerial shooting of important investments as in the past years several sections of highway under construction were filmed and posted on the internet via recording by drones.