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7310150_m featureThe Greek government is currently in talks with Israeli companies regarding the acquisition of unmanned aerial vehicles. According to sUAS Greek police is set to receive the aircraft and use them for border patrol missions – preventing illegal immigration, terror and organized crime.

The exact number and type of the UAVs is still unknown. One source explained that the government started considering the use of unmanned aircraft back in 2011, when a widespread public protest movement began opposing the economic austerity measures. Last year a UAV helped track down Albanian prisoners that escaped from a prison in central Greece.

Unmanned Systems Event 2014 – Israel

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The funding for the acquisition will most probably be drawn from EU subsidies, although there are no exact figures yet. Police, meanwhile, intends to scrap the aging TETRA security system, installed ahead of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.

In addition to the steps mentioned above Greek authorities are also considering reactivating the many surveillance cameras installed throughout central Athens.