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egozi's fury featureSome would say the UN can sink no lower, but apparently it’s trying, hard. Ban Ki-moon, the useless organization’s Secretary General, slammed Israel over the administrative arrests of Palestinian terror suspects. He demanded they be tried or released. Some of them are currently taking part in a hunger strike, a fact that distressed Secretary General Ban.

So what about the ongoing genocide in Syria? What about the terror and famine in Nigeria? What about dozens of trouble spots around the world where the UN could have improved matters, but didn’t? I guess nothing is happening anywhere else, but when a few suspects strike Ban suddenly cares. Since the UN has absolutely no effect anywhere, however, his criticism effectively vanished even before anything was said.

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Even the Palestinians couldn’t believe it actually happened. Following the great big “unity government” show the rest of the world, led the the United States, quickly accepted the new government. Instead of staying quiet and letting this ridiculous new regime stumble on its own, our wise leaders felt they had to jump and cry out. So now, instead of letting this show die quietly, we turned it into the biggest show in town.

That’s just the way things are when there aren’t any real leaders in Israel. Everything is done offhandedly. No cabinet minister shares the opinions of another. The world made a mistake, but we – meaning the Israeli government – helped it along.

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How could the American government make terrible decisions one after another while having access to all the necessary information? I won’t go over each decision, but this latest one is just over the top. The U.S. released five Taliban leaders, members of a murderous terrorist organization, in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl – an American soldier who – according to his friends – may have defected and perhaps even accepted Islam.

So the soldier is still held in isolation for “medical” reasons in Germany, while the freed Taliban leaders plan their revenge against the U.S. for their long years of incarceration in Guantanamo. Another perfect score for the American government.

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Going back to an incident I’ve written about, involving two police officers serving with the Israeli border police that were shown arresting a rock-throwing youth in Judea and Samaria.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

The two attempt to drag him into their armored vehicle, while a crowd of people surrounds them and lets the young offender escape – all while threatening the lives of the officers. Instead of using their weapons to intimidate the crowd the two let themselves be pushed into a corner. It could have easily ended with their deaths.

It looks like the responsibility lies with those who gave them their orders. How is rock throwing different from any other form of terror, including shootings? Who decided that rock throwing is “soft terror”? When one of these rocks hits a person – and we’ve seen this many times in the past – they don’t usually use the word “soft” to describe the experience.

The instructions these two received neutralized them, a fact that’s evident in the video seen around the world. If any other police force was involved, rather then the Israeli one, the result would have been at least ten arrests – some wounded. Here the two police officers retreat towards their vehicle. This shouldn’t happen. Soldiers or police officers must never risk their own lives due to dishonest instructions received from their high command, instruction aimed at protecting the higher-ups personal interests.

Ever since the publication the government, IDF and border police command remained strangely quiet. Nothing. They send security personnel to manage the situation in Palestinian cities, the conditions are horrible and these missions often end in humiliation for the Israeli soldiers and officers. It’s a disgrace – senior commanders sending human “drones” in uniform to be humiliated in the field, with neutralized weapons and demeaning orders.

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Seinfeld is considered one of the funniest TV shows ever created, but what’s happening with the so called nuclear talks with Iran is much funnier. Unlike Seinfeld, however, they might end in a horrible disaster that will leave no room for a follow-up series.

Senior American and Iranian officials will meet on Monday for a special round of talks held in Geneva, in an attempt to advance the stumbling talks that reached a dead end a few weeks ago. The sides hope to reach an agreement by July 20 – the agreed upon deadline. This will be the first time American and Iranian representatives meet outside the talks ever since they began.

Global humor is being redefined here. A foolish world manipulated by a brilliant Iran, obeying Iran’s commands faster than a uranium-enrichment centrifuge can spin.