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egozi's fury featureEach week it turns out that the world, when it involves Iran’s nuclear program, can’t help but sink to new depths.

The Iranian government has offered, back in 2012, to provide Sudan with anti-aircraft batteries and place them on the shores of the Red Sea, to defend against air strikes from Israel. This according to Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ali Karti .

In an interview with ” Al – Hayat ” , identified with the Saudi royal family , Karti said that the Iranian proposal came after the attack on the arms factory ” Yarmuk ” in the capital Khartoum in October 2012. The Sudanese government claimed that the Israeli Air Force carried out the attack , but Israel has never accepted responsibility for the operation.

The plant that was attacked in Sudan was established in 2008 with funding from Iran . The attack destroyed 40 containers which were by some estimates long-range rockets, made in Iran, due to move overland to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip .

Iran is trying to sponsor countries that cooperate with it, whether willingly or unwillingly. In Vienna they are still having talks with the Iranians on their nuclear program . Iran has the bomb . Iran will have long range ballistic missiles . Iran takes over other countries in the region. The world is dumb , blind, deaf . What is happening these days in Europe after the rise of the extreme right will also happen with Iran. As it was too late in Europe, very soon it will be too late in Iran. This is what happens when there are no leaders in the Western world .

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Weapons theft continues to plague IDF camps . The IDF staff engages in wars involving the defense budget but does not address an issue as basic as stealing weapons .

Recently the Freedom of Information Movement called on the army to reveal how many weapons were stolen in recent years , and the information received indicates that indeed there is a declining number of stolen weapons . According to the military, in 2009 122 firearms were stolen , in 2010 116, in 2011 55, in 2012 89 and in 2013 60 weapons. These figures do not reflect other weapons that are considered very popular among criminal organizations , such as grenades and explosive devices .

However, despite the decline , it is still a fair amount of weapons stolen in the last five years – 442 in total, and thus the army is still concerned about the scope of the phenomenon. This according to the Walla report written by my friend Amir Bohbot . Concerned? So do something extreme. What has been done to date is a bad joke .

When will it happen ? When a tank is stolen from an army base . Only then public outcry will result in real actions. Until then it really does not bother anyone. They’re doing something, but only perfunctorily .

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The Defense and Homeland Security Department at Beit Berl College , together with the Association of Security Officers in Local Authorities , conducted a comprehensive survey on the subject of the home front among security officers in local authorities, ahead of the “Security Officer and the City” conference. The results are disturbing. Only five percent of them believe that the government in Israel responsibly addresses issues involving home front emergency preparedness .

70 percent say that the government’s conduct on the subject needs to be improved . Also, some local authorities are still not able to fund emergency rooms , training for professionals and organizing volunteer units .

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

You do not need a survey, just take a look around. Promiscuity , neglect , chaos . I’ve said it again and again, Israel is not prepared for emergencies. The Home Front Defense Ministry was shut down after not having really existed in the first place. No clear decision was made on who is responsible for handling mass disasters or war . This situation continued for years, but Israelis are engaged in a filthy and despicable war about who will be elected president.

If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would take home front preparedness and spend on it one tenth of the effort he spent on preventing Reuven Rivlin from being elected president, the situation would be very different.


Israel, when dealing with the issue of the Temple Mount, accepts improbable situations . Particularly absurd is the relationship between Hamas and the Islamic Movement in Israel.

Shin Bet arrested a senior Hamas official , who lives in Saudi Arabia . He told police that the terrorist organization is in close contact with the Islamic movement and finances many of its activities , particularly with regard to the Temple Mount and the payment of wages of thousands of dollars for young people working to prevent Jews from ascending the Mount .

Toameh, during his interrogation, said that the Islamic movement in Israel serves the goals of Hamas. Among other services it provides funds for projects in Jerusalem , Israel’s capital. An example of this is found in the Islamic movement project focused the Temple Mount, funded by the Hamas. The project , under the guise of religious studies, sends Arab youths to remain on the Temple Mount, their real purpose to be a constant presence there and prevent the arrival of Jews.

To do so , the Hamas terrorist organization pays the youths directly, a steady salary of about 5,000 shekels. Toameh added that Hamas does not disclose the direct relations to the Islamic movement and its members , in order to avoid implicating them in front of the Israeli authorities. He added that he believes there is a secret bond between Raed Salah and the Hamas leadership .

This relationship makes no sense. Hamas is funding anti-Israeli activities in cooperation with the Islamic movement. Someone has fallen asleep, say security experts . Someone allows this many-armed monster called Hamas to extend its reach into Israel.


The world doesn’t care about what’s happening in Syria, and will not care what will happen to Israel if you do not stop insane and radical states like Iran . Nearly 2,000 civilians have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the year, for example.

In most cases the killing is carried out using ” barrel bombs ” dropped from aircraft – including helicopters – on the strongholds of the rebels ; These are barrels full of explosives , flammable materials and shrapnel. Because of the way they’re delivered the strikes are almost never very accuate, leading to many civilian casualties.

Aleppo , Syria ‘s largest city, was the economic capital of the country. Now it’s one of the major battlefields of the civil war, ever since the rebels mananged to gain control over significant parts of the city following a 2012 strike.

Assad continues to massacre while in several global capitals well-dressed clowns continue to drink coffee, eat cookies and voice their concerns about the massacre in Syria.

Israel can trust no one. Israel must be ready for a show of strength, with enough extreme force to deter any fanatic with weapons of mass destruction. It must also be determined and respond to any attack with such force that would neutralize the attacker for many years. This is possible only if our leaders engage in more substance, instead of the nonsense that occupies so much of their time recently.