N. Korea and Iran – Nuclear Partners

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North Korea’s continuing progress towards operational nuclear weapons also affects Iran.

9107115_m featureAccording to recent reports North Korea is will soon be able to incorporate nuclear warheads into its missiles, accelerating Iran’s own nuclear efforts. This according to Israeli sources. Global media reported yesterday that North Korea is much closer to developing nuclear missiles than previously thought.

The country has taken pride in its nuclear deterrence capabilities for a while now, but most experts believed that it still has a long way to go before gaining actual operational nuclear capabilities. New intel seems to have upset that theory.

The North Koreans, according to reports, will arm a few of their Nodong missiles with nuclear warheads. The single-stage Nodong missiles are powered by liquid fuel and have a 1,300 kilometer-range. Two of them have been tested this year up to a range of 650 km.

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Israeli sources said that the small, isolated country’s success will impact Iran as well, mostly do to the close cooperation between the two, involving both both ballistic missiles and nuclear applications.

Sources added that this new information highlights the magnitude of the failure or the world’s superpowers, including the U.N, in their attempts to put a stop to North Korea’s nuclear program. “This is exactly what’s happening with Iran right now,” said one source.