New U.K. Robot Tests Body Armor

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Porton Man – the new robot developed by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, will be used to test body armor and other equipment for soldiers

Illustration (123rf)
Illustration (123rf)

The British Ministry of Defense invested more than a million euro in the development of an advanced robot. The new robot will be used to test clothing and equipment meant for soldiers, such as chemical hazard suits.

The robot was nicknamed Porton Man, after the British defense, science and technology labs located at Porton Down.

What can the new robot do? Well, it can walk, sit, kneel, run and imitate a soldier aiming a weapon at a target. Its head can move in all directions and its fingers and ankles can be separated from the main body – all according to the requirements of specific tests.

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Porton Man incorporates more than a hundred sensors, allowing researchers to assess equipment quality in real time.

Philip Dunne, the cabinet minister responsible for Ministry of Defense acquisitions, said that the U.K. is a world leader in advanced, robotics-based testing, which aids in the development of life saving and other battlefield equipment.

The robot’s base can swivel and simulate windy conditions. Porton Man can also be programmed with a variety of additional movements, simulating other field conditions needed for testing.