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25835018_m featureSimulation-based engineering science (SBES) allows researchers to predict the effects of building explosions and analyze the response of building materials to those threats.

Using a $400,000, five-year CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation, researchers at the University of Missouri developed the Material Point Method (MPM) a computer-generated tool which not only creates blast scenarios that informs blast and impact resistant materials and design, but also is crossing over into Hollywood animation — most recently, Disney’s Oscar-winning animated film, Frozen.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

According to HLS News Wire the computer-based tests developed using MPM can create scenarios that help determine which materials and designs respond most favorably to impact and blast loadings. Using the information and analysis provided by simulations, designers can then validate the results with laboratory tests before applying them to full-scale construction including stronger building components such as columns, walls and windows.

A University of Missouri release reports that animators at Disney took note of the Material Point Method and used it to develop snow simulations that mimicked snowball drops and smashes. They also animated the effects of characters walking through snowy backdrops.