iStock_000016950631XSmallThe cooperation between Israel and Europe on Cyber security is growing steadily. New European bodies are being created to fight Cybercrime. One is the European Cybercrime centre that starts to operate today. The center’s mission is to protect European citizens and businesses from cybercrime.

EC3’s focus will be on illegal online activities carried out by organized criminals, especially those whose attacks target e-banking and other online financial activities, child sexual exploitation, and crimes that affect the critical infrastructure and information systems in the EU. Other responsibilities will include analysis and review in order to identify potential threats and prepare early responses to those threats.

According to the EC3, cybercrime works across borders and therefore there is a need for flexible and adequate response.

ec3_logo_360_whitebackgrd_short_0The center is described as a fusion centre, for operational investigative and forensic support, but also offering the capability to mobilize resources across EU member states in response to threats. The centre will also support relevant research and train law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors.

The EC3 will begin work with 30 employees and is expected to add ten or more full-time posts over the year.