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egozi's fury featureAnd the liars keep thinking we’re stupid. There’s no intifadah, they claim. The baby injured by a rock over the weekend is another victim of the third intifada, which is kept under wraps by the government – in a very stupid way. So, we haven’t believed you for a very long time now. We’re also not stupid. There’s an intifadah and it’s escalating. Since it hasn’t been officially recognized the efforts to halt it are also ineffective. Only deploying a large number of troops and a very harsh response will stop the terror attacks. But lies lead to powerlessness, in order to give basis to the nonsense spouted by the liars.


Whoever stopped Druze soldiers at the entrance to the Dimona reactor should have been discharged immediately after the affair was made public this weekend. But as always, in Israel the responses are stupid and no one learns from mistakes. Whoever let Vanunu wander around freely and take pictures, and did no allow Druze soldiers and officers entry, is chronically stupid and bigoted. A soldier in uniform who arrives at the reactor with his unit is a soldier serving the country, no matter his ethnicity or religion. Soon they’ll start checking for circumcision. Stupid, bigoted, but no one will get sent home. Stupidity and ignorance rule. The most annoying are the idiotic responses by the officials caught with their pants down.


The four pages of the agreement between Iran and the west were used by the Iranians in that place where even leaders get to spend a few minutes alone every day. The agreement was broken even before the leaders left Geneva. The world hasn’t witnessed such a terrible joke for many years. The U.S. should have just wrapped an atom bomb and sent it as a present to Tehran, saving us the hassle. As I’ve said before, we have to get used to a nuclear Iran. We have to get used to the new situation and not babble on about an Israeli “military option” in an attempt to prevent a nuclear Iran. These threats wipe out Israel’s last shreds of credibility worldwide. If someone gets hurt in Iran it will be by laughing to death. European and Asian countries are lining up to renew business contacts with Iran. It’s done, finished. Iran is back in the international family, bombs included. The world doesn’t care about Israel, and no one cares about what will happen unless it will involve them directly.


Those who advocate cutting the defense budget seem completely detached from reality, in light of recent events. True, some modifications have to be made and priorities rearranged, but when Israel has to face Iran by itself the defense budget literally means our life. The IDF has to get stronger, so much so that any fanatic from an anti-Israeli state – which claims that Israel has no right to exist – will think twice before doing anything more than threatening us verbally.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

These countries, and especially Iran, have to understand that if they act against Israel the response will be harsh, so much so that the primitive conditions they’ll be forced to endure will be even worse than what they’re doing to themselves right now with their religious fanaticism. Things have to be stated clearly – mess with us and you’ll no longer exist. Nothing less. Lunatics understand only one thing – brute force.


Haaretz reports this morning that the IDF lost equipment worth 50 million shekels during 2012 – that’s according to internal logistics data. According to IDF sources the expected losses in 2013 are similar. This loss of equipment is significant, as some of it is used later by criminal elements, in addition to the financial damage to the IDF and the possible damage to operational capabilities. This year, for example, Gil anti-tank missiles were stolen from a Hermon base, thousands of rounds were stolen from an ammunition bunker at Nebi Musa, and the army even found a pipe – several dozens of meters long – which was used by criminal elements to steal fuel from a base in Mishmar Hanegev.

Military sources report that these thefts have become more and more violent. They include sneaking into the bases themselves, even confronting guards, and stealing equipment, ammunition, iron, generators and even vehicles. According to a senior logistics officer most of these thefts are done in cooperation with soldiers serving in the bases, who are interested in selling the equipment to make some money. Other criminals take advantage of the fact that some ammunition and supply bases are located in remote areas. Radars have been placed in some of them in order to monitor traffic in the surrounding area.

Unbelievable. Army bases left wide open to any thief and criminal. I’ve mentioned this before but nothing was done to improve the situation. What’s happening in the IDF is a terrible mess. Lack of discipline, commanders with no real authority and no real law enforcement. The IDF has to keep its bases protected. These thefts and break-ins can end in casualties. How come no senior IDF officers are handling this issue?