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HoverMast-1. Photo: Sky Sapience
HoverMast-1. Photo: Sky Sapience

Sky Sapience, an Israeli start-up company specializing in mobile, tethered hovering machines, is on its way to full scale serial production of the HoverMast-100. With its first HoverMast-100 under operational evaluation in the IDF’s Ground Forces and international customers queuing up for additional units, Sky Sapience is busily moving towards the opening of its in-house production line during the first quarter of 2014.

Sky Sapience will conduct a live demonstration of HoverMast capabilities at the AUS&R conference and exhibition in Rishon LeZion, Israel, November 26, 2013.

The HoverMast-100, the company’s front runner, is a mobile, tethered hovering machine. It is lightweight and compact enough to sit in the bed of a pick-up truck or UGV. With the push of a button its platform rises to the height of 50 m (164 ft) within 15 seconds. A coaxial counter-rotating fan provides the lift, while four thrusters keep it stabilized, even in winds of up to 25 kts (29 mph).

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

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Imagery, target data, electronic signals, etc. are transmitted via a wideband data link to ground stations for real-time exploitation and prompt action. With backing from the Israel Defense Ministry’s research and development agency, MAFAT, as well as private investors, Sky Sapience continues to invest heavily in R&D. Three new members of the HoverMast family of tethered hovering platforms are currently under development:

HoverMast-1. Photo: Sky Sapience
HoverMast-1. Photo: Sky Sapience

The HoverMast-120 will be able to host heavier payloads, though still suited for use on small vehicles.

The HoverMast-Exo, will be a highly stabilized, seaborne platform, intended for maritime applications and port security. Enhanced with advanced materials and coatings, the HoverMast-Exo will be able to withstand extended periods in harsh maritime environments.

The HoverMast-C is being designed especially for civilian applications, including critical infrastructure maintenance and security, mega event security, crowd control, safe-city projects, etc.