Egozi’s Fury: Palestinian Prisoner Release

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egozi's fury featureFrom now on this is the equation – kill Israelis and get the murderers out of prison. Only a government that lost all credibility and sense can accept such an equation and use it again and again.

A ministerial committee headed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday approved a list of the second group of 26 Palestinian prisoners to be released as part of Israel’s commitment to the Palestinian Authority for ongoing “peace negotiations”.

In August, Israel released the first 26 of 104 prisoners. This entire bizarre process, that makes Israel look like a non entity, is happening while the Palestian terror continues. The Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted a rocket launched by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip early this morning. Another rocket exploded in uninhabited territory in the Eshkol regional council in the western Negev. No injuries or damage was reported.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

The incident comes hours after Palestinians fired two mortars at Israeli towns near the Gaza frontier. They attack and Israel releases murderers. This could have been funny but it is not.

The Palestinians understood what the Iranians did – if you lie, the world will “buy” it. In the case of Iran Israel has been trying to explain what is going on. In the context of the “peace negotiations” Israel swallowed the lies and released murderers that in no time will try to kill more Israelis.

Israel is on slippery slope, with no “responsible adult” to try and stop the crash that awaits at the bottom of the hill.