New Israeli Payload Includes HDTV Cameras

New Israeli Payload Includes HDTV Cameras

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POP300D-HD b
POP300D-HD. Photo: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries’ Tamam Division is introducing a new POP300D-HD – True High Definition (HD) Day and Night Stabilized Optronic Payload using a 1280×1024 detector for the thermal imager and a full HDTV1920x1080 (1080p) detector for the EO camera in the 10″ ball. This configuration also includes a qualified, battlefield proven, Laser Designator Range Finder (LDRF) with hundreds of systems delivered.  

The new HD sensors combined with the laser designator make POP300D-HD the ideal solution for multi-mission scenarios such as targeting, accurate geo-location and wide-area scanning, surveillance and rescue missions. Video data is available in two forms: Ethernet as compressed digital over LAN (each sensor is an IP) and analogue video in parallel, for compatibility with legacy systems. The new system includes advanced video image processing and compression features that enable the full HDTV to be adapted to any downlink system.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

POP300D-HD uses qualified POP300D components. It withstands severe environmental conditions and can be installed on various platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aerostats, helicopters, maritime vessels. It can also be installed on masts or vehicles for ground applications.

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