123Booby traps have claimed the lives of many members of anti terror units. The terrorists leave them behind them to increase killing effects.  The Israeli Tamar group, has unveiled a kit that helps Special Forces to train in locating and neutralizing these deadly traps.

This kit contains an assortment of booby trap mechanisms with audio and visual indictors that appear upon activation, anchoring accessories, and inert improvised explosive devices (IED’s).
The kit allows the user to simulate booby trapped arenas and train in lifelike situations.
The additional inert IEDs can be attached to the different booby traps and the anchoring accessories enable the user to attach the booby traps to walls, doorways, windows and other elements.

This kit is designed to be used by military special units and special law enforcement agencies that deal with hostage situation, hot entry and counter terrorism activities. The kit is suitable for highly trained users with prior experience and knowledge.

The kit includes the following booby trap mechanisms:

  • Tilt / acceleration (one unit)
  • Lift (one unit)
  • Stepping line (one unit)
  • Trip wire (two units)
  • Remote control (one unit)
  • Time delay (one unit)
  • Opening control (one unit)
  • Motion detection (one unit)
  • Light detection (one unit)

The kit includes the following plastic IED replicas:

  • Claymore mine (4 units)
  • Plastic explosives (2 units)
  • TNT bricks (4 units)