A new smart helmet includes a fully integrated HUD

A new smart helmet includes a fully integrated HUD

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Following on from the global success of Reevu’s introduction of rear vision system in a helmet, Reevu has now invented a commercially available, fully functioning Intelligent Helmet with internal Heads up Display.


In the development process Reevu’s engineers used their experience in assembling complicated optical devices into articles of headgear while enhancing their impact resistive capability. The compact Multiple Reflective Optical Systems, MROPS, was the invention that allows a functioning helmet that can deliver information without eye strain or unnecessary distraction to the wearer.



Being able to integrate mobile communication systems in the form of a heads up display overcomes a number of issues in relation to the environment that a helmet inhabits. Noise is an issue that visual electronic data overcomes, and we have invented not only a functioning product but a product that has passed most of the world’s international standards. The invention can be used by a number of helmet wearers, an example being users who require diagnostic engine data or GPS capability. While the current product is for the motor sports sector, further products using the invention are on the drawing board.” – Markus S., engineering team leader.


“This invention takes the Reevu business into a $500 billion mobile communication market, as we negotiate with a number of companies to spin out the innovation into a number of business sectors sectors, utilizing our commercially available optical system.” – Graham Steele, marketing sales director at Reevu.