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10657100_sMADSEC Security developed an innovative system called INSECT, which allows organizations to predict hacker operations or attempted break-ins, even before the attack.

The INSECT system will allow clients to analyze the situation after the attack, including access to information on weaknesses discovered during the attack and collected by hacker organizations around the world.

i-HLS Israel Homeland Security

The INSECT detection and alert system searches the internet, using predefined profiles and search terms. The system scans IRC networks, forums, the big search engines (Bing, Google) and the dark net (the less known and cataloged sites) by using the Tor network. The system identifies 81.9% of the attacks before they begin.

Terrorist and criminal organizations, among others, use the Tor network for many purposes, for example to transfer data between members without exposing the network address of the actual perpetrators of the attack. The attackers collect data on target organizations, create zero-day vulnerabilities and use anonymous internet addresses to attack. According to MADSEC, the INSECT system’s ability to monitor this type of activity already helped protect Israeli and international organizations.

Matan Azougi, Chief Technology Director at MADSEC, said the system is a necessary part of an organization’s multilayer defense mechanism. The information detected by the system, which cannot be discovered in any other way, offers a clear advantage.

MADSEC Security is a prominent Israeli information security firm. The firm offers its clients advanced consultation solutions. Its services include application security testing, infrastructure security testing, risk analysis, risk management, and information security project consultation, support and management. The firm employs highly experienced and trained information security specialists.

MADSEC Security clients include Ofer Brothers, the Jerusalem municipality, firms owned by Stef Wertheimer, MalamTeam, the Israeli Ministry of Economy, Elbit Systems, Tama, Getter Tech, ExLibris and more.