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Magna BSP – Company profile

Magna   company  was  founded  about  12  years  ago  as  a  start-up  company , in  the  Homeland  Security  domain.

In  this  framework ,  we developed  a  passive  electro-optic  radar  for  perimeter  protection, border control  and  sensitive  sites  security.

The  Magna  technology  is based  on  stereoscopic  passive detection , giving  to  our  products  several  advantages  and  superiority  when compared  to  competitive  systems.

System's main screen
System’s main screen

The  system automatically  detects  and analyzes  all the targets  in a predefined  zone of  interest , is able  to  differentiate  between different  targets  such  as  intruders, wild animals, natural movements  such  like branch  trees  or  bushes ,  and estimate   the target parameters:  location, range, size, azimuth , direction of  motion.

The information can be transferred back wireless, and may be battery operated.

The Magna radars have the IDF approvals for system operation and Environmental conditions (MIL-STD-810F).

The  Magna  passive  radar  is active  24/7 , even  in hard  weather  conditions , an  almost  100%  probability of  detection , and an ultra-low  false alarm  rate , when  compared  to similar  systems.

Magna  technology  was  defined  as  a  breakthrough  technology  by  MOD  experts  and  IDF  technical  corps.

Magna systems configurations
Magna systems configurations

Our   products  are  already  installed  at  Israeli  borders  for  intruders  detection ,  at  our  international  Ben-Gurion  airport  for  perimeter  protection.

Among other  sensitive sites  in  Israel  secured  by  Magna  systems ,  the  old  city  of  Jerusalem  walls , a  highly  sensitive  prison , and  maritime  sites.

Abroad ,  the  Japanese  Nuclear  Sites  Security  selected  Magna  technology  among   many  others  for  securing  their  nuclear  plants , and  Magna  products  are  already  installed    in  Japan, Russia , Singapore and more.

An operational systems with Magna analytics for full covered
An operational system with Magna analytics for full covered


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