RPHS – Remote Package Handling System

RPHS – Remote Package Handling System

RPHS - Remote Package Handling System, By Provectus Robotics Solutions

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 Provectus Robotics Solutions’ Remote Package Handling System (RPHS) is a robotic platform designed to quickly remove suspect packages from an airport terminal building, thereby minimizing downtime, loss of revenue, and risk to terminal employees.

RPHS - Remote Package Handling System, By Provectus Robotics Solutions
RPHS – Remote Package Handling System, By Provectus Robotics Solutions

Every major airport in the world adheres to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 100% hold baggage screening (HBS) requirements. If a piece of baggage does not clear that process, it is considered a bomb threat, the baggage is isolated and in many cases, the terminal building is evacuated. The closure could last for hours while the threat is dealt with, resulting in significant loss of revenue and disruption to the entire air transport system.

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RPHS mitigates the risk due to suspect baggage by allowing safety personnel to remotely remove the baggage from the terminal building without placing anyone in harm’s way. The suspect baggage is automatically loaded onto RPHS and the operator drives it to a remote location where it is dumped, awaiting disposition by bomb disposal technicians. Disruption to airport terminal operations is minimized and normal operations resume without significant loss of revenue.

System Features

Provectus Robotics Solutions’ RPHS provides the following standard features.

 Chassis – 6 x 6 Argo 650 HDTM ATV

    • Length – 287 cm (113 in)
    • Width – 152 cm (60 in)
    • Height – 221 cm (87 in)
    • 1/4″ steel dump box with roller ramp
    • Length – 122 cm (48 in)
    • Width – 107 cm (42 in)
    • Depth – 36 cm (14 in)
    • High capacity electric differential drive system
    • 2 x 4kW drive motors
    • 360o Pan Tilt Zoom all-weather camera system
    • Long range operation via secure wireless communication system
    • High-intensity spotlights; amber safety strobe lights
    • Panasonic Toughbook-based Remote Control Station (RCS)

Optional Features

The flexible, modular design of the ARIS software allows PRS to easily add optional features to meet customer requirements.

Optional features include:

  • IR or thermal cameras for night time / foul weather operation
    • Wide angle fixed driving camera
    • Custom package carrying systems (large box, conveyor, etc.)
    • Customer requirements will dictate final system configuration
    • “Oversize baggage” trailer with magnetic coupler
    • Environmental sensors
    • Chemical
    • Biological
    • Radiological
    • Explosive
    • Hemisphere VS101 GPS and heading sensor
    • Upgrade to autonomous operation with PRS’ ANS (Autonomous Navigation Suite)