The Spider is on the market

The Spider is on the market

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spiderThe Spider unmanned air system (UAS) developed by Innocon in Israel is currently being offered for homeland security applications. The UAS will be displayed at Israel’s unmanned systems salon event, AUS&R 2013, on November 26th 2013 at the YES Planet compound in Rishon Lezion.

The Spider is the newest in the Israeli company’s Micro Falcon family of mini UAS.

The Spider has a 2.5 kgs max takeoff weight. A system comprising of two UAS ,a ground station and two day/night payloads , will weigh 15 kgs and a soldier will be able to carry it in addition to his other equipment.

In an effort to enhance the operational capabilities of its micro UAS systems , Innocon has recently signed a cooperation contract with Imint from Sweden to install the company’s Vidhance unique processing engine into its ground control station software.

The engine Vidhance gives access to very efficient real-time video processing . AUSR650x90