Fort Ebey 1In spite its war history; many of the citizens in Israel do not have a shelter that will protect them from bombs, rockets or missiles.

In recent years, the home front command and other authorities are trying to allow many people in public areas, to get the protection of a well-designed shelter.

The Haifa Carmel tunnel was designed to serve as one big shelter. The parking under the new square in front of the rebuilt Habima national theater in Tel Aviv are only two examples.

These, already function and can become a very effective shelter for thousands of people. Another such shelter is planned to be built under the new railway station in Jerusalem.

The home front command is now involved in locating new building projects that can be used as very big public shelters. This, of course, does not solve the problem of the many, which will not be able to reach a shelter either in their building, or in a public place. In spite of the very advanced detection systems, the sirens are operated a few seconds to a very few minutes, before the impact of the warhead.

The effort resulted in some very impressive results, but that does not solve the problem -when central Israel became the front, many who live there, do not have the basic protection. They will not have it in the coming years.