Open Sharp Eyes Along the Border- An Israeli Integrated Solution

seraphim2Seraphim Optronics , has unveiled two very important tools for border protection.The two are designed to act as the Ultimate Gap Filler (UGF). The first is the Mini Unattended Ground (MUGI) and the other one is the next generation Chameleon 2 – Urban Persistent Covert Surveillance System, with enhanced capabilities in communications and dayandnightcamera.

The UGF, which contains the MUGI, integrated with state-of-the-art tactical radar, provides the ultimate solution for a known problem – geographical coverage gaps in border protection. The radar continuously scans a sector of 90⁰, delivering persistent surveillance, with an automatic detection range of up to 2 km. The system can be triggered by the radar, or by unattended ground sensors (acoustic, seismic, etc.), or integral video motion detector (VMD)

The MUGI, according the company, is a fully operational system that provides ground forces with real-time, persistent covert surveillance. Specially designed to be camouflaged for quick deployment in special operations, the system gathers information 24/7 from a hidden spot.

Using its IR Imager or CCD camera, MUGI sends live video streams to the C4I center, significantly enhancing situational awareness.

The Chameleon 2 is an unattended persistent urban reconnaissance covert surveillance system blending in perfectly in a variety of urban environments. It gathers real-time visual Intelligence by remotely monitoring hostile target movements and supplying early warnings to troops.

The Chameleon 2 is capable of identifying and responding to human targets at 120m, and sending full motion video for immediate reaction or for future action. As with MUGI, a single observer can simultaneously control multiple systems and integrate it with external sensors, and C4I systems.

Additionally, the Chameleon 2 can operate automatically – detecting suspicious movements and alerting the user through its internal Video Motion Detection (VMD). Extremely small, lightweight and energy efficient, the system has full communications flexibility, including WiFi, cellular, wired and satellite.

Seraphim Optronics Ltd. specializes in electro-optic surveillance and security equipment where covert-imaging surveillance is needed.