The EU Approves the Cyber Solidarity Act to Strengthen European Cybersecurity

The EU Approves the Cyber Solidarity Act to Strengthen European Cybersecurity

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The European Parliament and Council have reached a political agreement on the Cyber Solidarity Act, which was created to enhance the EU’s capabilities to detect, prepare and respond to cyberattacks and threats.

It will introduce three key actions: a European Cybersecurity Alert System, a Cybersecurity Emergency Mechanism, and a European Cybersecurity Incident Review Mechanism. This new act is monumental for the EU since current geopolitical events are severely impacting cybersecurity.

According to Innovation News Network, the suggested European Cybersecurity Alert System will consist of a network of National and Cross-border Cyber Hubs utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI and advanced data analytics. The primary objective is to promptly identify cyber threats and incidents, providing real-time situational awareness to authorities and letting them respond efficiently to such threats and incidents.

The Act’s Cybersecurity Emergency Mechanism is designed to strengthen readiness and response capabilities in the face of substantial and wide-reaching cyber incidents. The mechanism will focus on Preparedness Actions (coordinating readiness assessments for entities operating in critical sectors to identify and address potential vulnerabilities), the Establishment of a new EU Cybersecurity Reserve (comprising incident response services from trusted providers prepared to intervene upon request in the event of significant cybersecurity incidents), and Financial Support for Mutual Assistance (providing financial assistance to facilitate technical aid from one Member State to another affected by a significant cybersecurity incident).

Lastly, the Act introduces a European Cybersecurity Incident Review Mechanism, which is designed to evaluate and analyze significant incidents to offer recommendations to enhance the cybersecurity posture of the EU.

The agreement is now subject to formal approval by the European Parliament and Council and is expected to pave the way for establishing trusted providers within the EU Cybersecurity Reserve under the Cyber Solidarity Act.