New eVTOL ‘Quiet as A Dishwasher’ Will Hit the Market In 2028

image provided by pixabay

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Supernal, a company under Hyundai Motor Group’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), revealed its latest eVTOL vehicle at CES 2024 named S-A2, which represents a significant leap forward in the company’s quest to bring safe, efficient, affordable air travel to urban areas.

According to Interesting Engineering, the S-A2 has a sleek V-tail design and is engineered for a cruising speed of 193 kph at an altitude of 460 meters, suitable for typical city operation needs. The aircraft is built around a distributed electric propulsion architecture featuring eight tilting rotors that ensure a quiet takeoff and even quieter horizontal cruising.

Beyond being technically smart, the S-A2 stands out for its seamless blend of aesthetic design and functionality, with the pilot and passenger sections differentiated by materials and color palettes, and energy-absorbing materials integrated into the seat frames and lighting transitions.

Supernal states it envisions a future where the battery module can be easily replaced as technology advances, which would ensure the sustainability and longevity of the aircraft, with the interior also expected to feature a substantial degree of modularity.

While Supernal has an impressive plan and design for the S-A2, it faces challenges in its journey toward commercialization, which the company expects to achieve in 2028, with regulatory approval remaining a formidable obstacle. Nevertheless, Supernal remains confident in its technology. Chief Technology Officer of Supernal Ben Diachun has stated: “S-A2 is designed to take full advantage of emerging electric powertrain advancements that will define the next generation of aviation. From here, we will develop this concept into a revolutionary commercial product.”