Emergency Drone Can Reach Site in Under 2 Minutes

image provided by pixabay

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The Swedish firm Everdrone is aiming to improve emergency response services by introducing a new innovative drone that combines an advanced camera system as well as customizable medical kits.

“E2” is a multi-purpose drone that is meant to revolutionize emergency dispatch by providing the ability to transmit live infrared and high-definition video along with emergency medical equipment supplies. The company claims that E2 will help to lower average response times to under two minutes.

Everdrone’s CEO Mats Sällström claims that the drone’s LiveView capability “offers first responders the information needed to make critical assessment decisions that will help with prioritization and increase the safety of on-site responders. To this, we add the possibility of direct deliveries of anything from AEDs to EPI pens and anti-bleeding kits or other vital medical equipment.”

According to Interesting Engineering, what enables such missions are the drone’s capabilities- it can cruise at a speed of up to 82 kph and can cover an operational range of 8 kilometers, equivalent to 200 square kilometers of area. Its payload capacity is 3 kilograms, which accommodates a sensor system and a MedKit, and it is compatible with cameras using any standard open format.

When it comes to emergencies every second matters, and Everdrone developed a system in which its drone takes 15 seconds from receiving a distress signal to lift off. The firm claims that its drone service has the potential to reach over 99 percent of all metropolitan residents in Europe, and function in nearly any region of the continent thanks to its high degree of autonomy, all-weather operation, and cutting-edge safety measures.

The drone’s LiveView feature lets first responders evaluate situations before arriving, leading to well-informed choices that guarantee quicker, safer, and more efficient reactions. When paired with delivering essential medical supplies, it can help medical services make the proper intervention to save patients at critical risk.

Leigh Curtis, Executive Director of Service Delivery at KSS, said in a statement: “The combination of live-view and flexible emergency delivery capabilities will not only allow us to provide time-critical assistance to a broader range of patients but will also potentially help our service to preplan and scale responses effectively, all of which has the potential to lead to improved outcomes for our patients.”