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IMG-20130529-WA0003The world conference of Wind River, in cooperation with i-HLS, taking place in Israel today, was opened by the General Manager of Communications Ministry – Mr. Eden Bar Tal.

Mr. Bar Tal elaborated on the trends and capabilities that are expected to change the landscape of Israeli communication as we know it today. Even though everybody is using the familiar words: LTE, 4th Generation, Wireless Communication, etc. – In order to obtain the enormous amount of data that is required – wire-line communications, electrical and optical, has to be used as a backbone for the Israeli communication networks.

The wire-line communications venture in Israel, called by many “The IEC venture”, is in practice a joint venture of IEC and private factors that are to be declared formally in June following a tender taking place now. The physical laying of infrastructure all over the country will start in January 2014.

i-HLS ISRAEL Homeland Security 

The planned network will be the fastest optical data network in the world. The activity is done in cooperation between various factors within the government with a common goal – “Digital Israel”, both in the public sector and the private one. In fact, we are speaking here about a real revolution, and not just technological advances (“revolution and not evolution”).

According to Eden Bar Tal, the infrastructure models to be followed are not western (USA and Europe) but rather far eastern ones (Korea, Singapore), and the enabling technologies of the revolution are found in Israel as a world leader in the field.

When the network will be “operational” and active, Eden foresees a whole set of changes in all areas of life, and in particular education for young children – a major goal of the State of Israel. Not just replacement of books by tablets, but a real revolution in the “Business Model” of education for the young ones, making information and knowhow accessible to everybody.

Development of advanced technologies that will use this network (“cars” moving on the highway to be opened) is of top priority and companies active in the field are receiving special support and help from the Chief Scientist. Also Cisco is involved in this advanced and ambitious project.