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Candela, a Swedish electric boat manufacturer, has set a new world record with its Candela C-8 electric boat, which sailed 420 nautical miles (778 km) in 24 hours, showcasing electric marine transport’s incredible potential.

According to Interesting Engineering, Candela’s C-8 electric hydrofoil boats are well known for their exceptional efficiency, gliding with minimal contact above the water’s surface thanks to submerged hydrofoils. They only use 20% of the energy required for regular boats, which allows them to cover substantial distances with smaller batteries. Candela has partnered with Polestar for the C-8 to have cutting-edge batteries and a fast-charging system.

Gustav Hasselskog, Candela’s CEO and founder, who piloted the C-8 during this historic voyage, states: “This feat shows that fast, electric waterborne transport over long distances is viable today, not a distant future.”

The speed at which the C-8 sailed throughout the 24-hour journey is equally remarkable, averaging 17 knots (31.5 kph), including charging stops, and maintaining close to its maximum speed most of the journey, which is approximately 27 knots (50 kph).

This impressive achievement was a collaborative effort with battery maker Northvolt and charging station supplier Plug. This shows the potential of deploying battery systems to provide a cost-effective and quicker solution to ensure ample power for fast charging, instead of heavily investing in upgrading local grids.

“With a relatively modest investment, charging stations could be built to fully electrify marine transport in the Stockholm archipelago. For a few hundred million euros, a charging network covering Europe’s coastal passenger transports would become a reality,” stated Hasselskog.

This record-setting achievement proves the feasibility of electric marine transport, paves the way for a cleaner and more efficient future in long-distance boating, with Candela leading the charge toward sustainable waterborne travel.