The national home front drill – photo op for politicians

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4334211_sIf someone in Israel thinks that the national war drill simulating a missile attack on Israel from multiple fronts will help in the moment of truth he is stupid or blind.

Nothing can prepare a small country like Israel for an attack by thousands of rockets and missiles.

“Israel is the most threatened state in the world,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday at the weekly cabinet meeting. Nice words but nothing else.

If the prime minister really thinks that the home front can be ready he is dreaming.

A massive attack on Israeli populated areas will paralyze the country. It will cause many deaths and injuries. It will cause the economy a death blow.

i-HLS ISRAEL Homeland Security 

There is only one way to be prepared- to decide that with the next attack on Israel involving rockets and missiles, the retaliation will be swift and forceful.

In the past the Israeli airforce received explicit orders not to risk hitting civilian targets in Lebanon and Gaza. This is like dancing ballet in a boxing arena.

In the Middle East there is only one language that is understood by all parties – force.

Defense experts estimate that there are some 200,000 rockets and missiles in the collective possession of Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas and Iran.

“In recent years, we have significantly increased the preparedness of the home front vis-à-vis such attacks,” Netanyahu said.
“We are investing billions so that the home front will be better protected and better prepared.
We are investing in the Iron Dome, sirens, shelters, structural reinforcement and improved early warning systems.
We will make legislative changes so as to adapt the legal reality in the State of Israel to the security reality.”
Empty words.

Some politicians have already posed in front of cameras when in the background forces simulated attacks. Other will do it in the next days. Some of them are not aware. Others think that we are stupid.

By: Arie Egozi